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  • eSSD

    High stability and integrated mass storage eSSD

    eSSD complies with SATA3.0 specification with SATAIII 6.0Gbps interface that is compatible with 6.0Gbps /3.0Gbps/1.5 Gbps. It is a high-performance, large capacity integrated solid-state disk chip solution.

    The package size of the 313-ball BGA is 30.0mm*40.0mm*3.0mm. It’s encapsulated by SIP package technology also supports 256GB~1TB capacity.

    The 104-ball BGA package size is 14.0mm*18.0mm*1.8mm. The chip adopts multi-layer packaging technology and supports 32GB~128GB capacity. Compared with traditional SSD, the size of eSSD is smaller, more capacity in one chip, and higher reliability. The ultimate compact size is to eliminate burden of end devices and enables its design more flexible.  The design supports MLC and pSLC Nand that has high stability. Even in various vibration conditions, it can ensure stable operation.  It perfectly fits requirements of drones, ultrathin laptop, rugged laptop, industrial control and other end devices