Eco-industrial chain

Continuously upgrade to ensure
the excellent quality of all products and services

Intelligence makes strength

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    Raw Material Supplier

    The certification and supervision department will review the corresponding documents to evaluate the supplier's quality control ability, product stability and engineering R & D capability, and require them to provide necessary supplementary materials. After the production feasibility assessment, the certification and supervision department will sign the sample approval letter before being recognized as a new supplier of SCY.

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    Supply of semi-finished products between processes

    IQC, IPQC, OQC, QA and other posts are set up for quality control, and quality inspection is carried out in strict accordance with the quality management system documents in the factory. Rely on high-precision detection equipment to reduce abnormal production quality.

From manufacturing to quality inspection, grasp every detail

  • High-precision grinding machine, creating high quality

    Over the years, SCY has continued to introduce high-precision end GDM300 DFG8560 grinding and cutting equipment from well-known international manufacturers, with a production capacity of 600 pieces per day, and DFD6361 cutting equipment, which can meet the cutting capacity of grinding pieces. The thinnest wafer thickness: 0.05mm, which improves product competitiveness.

  • Production pass rate 99.9%

    We will continue to introduce high-end equipment, introduce highly educated professionals, and strictly control all aspects from product design to production. The leading design ability and strict quality control ability guarantee that SCY creates the industry-leading production pass rate of 99.9%.

SCY's industry-leading modern production equipment

  • GDM300 DFG8560

  • DFD6361

  • FASFORD DB830-plus

  • UTC-5000 Neo Cu


  • HT-3309