Consumer electronics

Meet the intelligent
storage needs of future life

Consumer electronics creates quality life

With the fierce competition in the industry, the renewal iteration of consumer electronic products is accelerating, and product intelligence has reached a new level. Storage products have been widely used in smart phones, tablet computers, smart wear and other intelligent terminal markets, providing consumers with more quality electronic consumption experience.

  • Iteration of embedded technology creates faster 5G experience

    The high-performance flash memory controller and high-quality NAND FLASH perfectly fit LPDDR and eMMC/UFS, reducing the volume while realizing large-capacity solid-state storage and variable storage. While meeting the user's demand for large-capacity mobile phones, the embedded control chip can reduce the burden of main CPU calculations, thereby simplifying and better managing large-capacity NAND Flash chips, realizing high-density and low-power storage solutions for smart phone design.

  • Office experience with high performance

    Create low-power and high-efficiency office products to meet the needs of customers with high performance and high cost performance. The storage products of SCY have lower power consumption and higher speed, making the device smoother in the running process. In addition, the product adapts to all electronic products on the market with high reliability and data security protection.

  • Smooth streaming media and game experience

    BGA technology is used to upgrade the product performance and reduce the storage management load of host processor. Starting from the optimization of the system design of the product, the compatibility problem between the main controller and flash memory technology is solved quickly, which brings extraordinary product experience to customers and effectively improves the time to market.