Cloud data platform

Meet the intelligent
storage needs of future life

Welcome to the new era of big data

Big data center has become the core infrastructure of global information storage, processing and distribution.

Unlike the disorderly accumulation of raw data, modern big data uses ordinary machines to establish stable TB level data clusters. Through the real-time interactive query efficiency and analysis ability, the massive data embedded in life can be efficiently processed.

  • Big data center

    As an important pillar of supporting the network information society, based on the large-scale data nodes, the system functional framework and technical framework are built. Service oriented and layered principle is followed, and high-throughput data access is carried out. Large scale data receiving, storage, real-time calculation and analysis, data transmission, business control and data monitoring are carried out to meet various complex front-end display requirements in the project, and provide more flexible data solutions.

  • Precision marketing

    Using the development of big data technology, establish a "data driven" mode, implement enterprise big data operation center, and realize data capitalization and decision-making data. In terms of marketing, enterprises seek business rules through data capture and analysis, mine customer needs, optimize and improve business level, and bring direct value; from the strategic aspect, we can objectively verify and predict with the help of data to realize scientific decision-making and precise marketing.

  • Smart home

    Taking the residence as the platform, by the integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, automatic control technology and other living facilities integration, with the help of data analysis technology in the Internet environment, the home equipment is endowed with learning and adaptive ability. The data and information of intelligent equipment in the home are effectively analyzed and processed at the first time, and the optimal method is realized in the intelligent equipment to make the home life more convenient, faster, safer and more energy-saving.