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Future factory: Intelligent Manufacturing Automation

Based on embedded control chip, embedded control chip is widely used in industrial process control, digital machine tools, power grid equipment detection and other mechanical systems and management systems.

The system with embedded chip as the core increases the reliability of modern industrial system, improves the accuracy and response speed, reduces the production cost, and promotes the intelligent and interconnected development of the factory in the future.

  • Industrial process automation

    Taking microprocessor as the core, the new generation of master control system of industrial process automation and its integrated automation development and industrialization are formed, including distributed control system, fieldbus control system and open control system based on industrial computer, etc., which run through the whole production process of production line, and realize production control, process optimization, real-time monitoring and information integration.

  • Management process automation

    Based on the information management and process automation, from the bottom of the factory, from the operator, from the bottom to the top, provide information to the enterprise management system. Combined with ERP, MES, EAM, etc., the integrated automation management system has fundamentally changed the traditional management concept and method of manufacturing users.