Eco-industrial chain

Continuously upgrade to ensure
the excellent quality of all products and services

Research and development cooperation

  • Domestic storage laboratory

    In 2019, SCY and Shenzhen University jointly established a domestic storage laboratory.

    More than 30 graduate students and mentors from the School of Computer and Software of Shenzhen University and our R&D team members, based on the application field of high-end smart phone platforms, have carried out in-depth research on the UFS main control chip design and software algorithms of embedded storage products. It aims to build the most authoritative memory chip characteristic analysis laboratory in China and contribute to the localization of domestic storage master chip. And it plans to establish a school enterprise cooperation branch with Shenzhen University in about 3 years.

In depth cooperation program between universities at home and abroad

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Talent introduction

  • R & D capability is reflected in the proportion of technical talents

    Technical talents are the root of enterprise innovation ability. SCY follows the development trend of international advanced technology, introduces a large number of high-end R & D talents every year, and cooperates with domestic famous universities to carry out campus recruitment and cultivate targeted talents. Statistics show that the proportion of our technical talents is increasing year by year, which provides strong support to the company's product innovation research and development and rapid development of market scale.

Intellectual property distribution

With the continuous breakthrough of innovation and R & D of the company, SCY has continuously enhanced the layout of intellectual property rights such as invention patents and software copyright. From 2016 to 2020, the company's patents have increased