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Strong support:Automotive electronics tends to be diversified

Automobile chip, known as "the nerve of automobile", is an indispensable part of automobile.

With the increasing trend of automobile intelligence, voice recognition, gesture interaction, network connection, automatic driving and other functions are constantly emerging, which greatly improves the requirements for the number and performance of chips.

  • Automotive electronic control device

    It includes powertrain control, chassis and body electronic control, comfort and anti-theft control systems. With the help of biological identification, infrared induction and other high-tech and storage chips, the power device and basic equipment of the car are intelligently controlled to ensure the operation stability, safety and comfort of the car.

  • Vehicle electronics

    It includes automobile information system (computer), navigation system, car listening and entertainment system, vehicle communication system, vehicle network, etc. The in-car Internet platform is built to form a full coverage information system. Based on the basic functions, it can realize auxiliary functions such as automatic navigation, intelligent voice, video entertainment, etc., with comprehensive functions and enhanced user experience.